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Our Mission

HealthConnect One is the national leader in advancing respectful, community-based, peer-to-peer support for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and early parenting.

Our Vision

To see every baby, mother, and family thrive in a healthy community.

Our Work

Since 1986, HealthConnect One (HC One) has focused on collaborative work with grassroots maternal and child health and social service providers.

  • We train community health workers, or lay health promoters, who make a personal commitment to improving the health of their own community.
  • We assist organizations in developing programs that use the power of peer support, incorporating trained community health workers into paid positions in outreach, health education and community health advocacy programs.
  • We also mobilize diverse stakeholders to build for policies and programs that improve maternal and child health in some of the most distressed communities in the country.

By supporting and challenging lay workers to find their own voice and training them to share vital health information with others who have little access to resources, HC One helps community residents to share their skills close to home.  

By providing training and technical assistance to frontline community organizations, we help them tap the powerful resources that already exist in their neighborhoods. 

Our work involves grassroots consensus-building, and we bring that perspective into national conversations.

Therefore, our work helps to strengthen and transform communities over time.

This is our reach.

These are our stories.
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2015 Year in Review

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Community-Based Doula Program Model


 "...[T]hey’ve worked with teenage mothers; they’ve worked with homeless mothers; they’ve worked with all type of women in all type of conditions and settings and communities ..."

Map of Louisiana~ Johari Wisdom, Louisiana doula, student midwife and student herbalist, after participating in our Regional Meeting (August 2013)