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HealthConnect One works with community health workers to identify messages and messengers which resonate with a variety of communities.

For example:

Umbilical Cord Blood - Link to Life


Umbilical cord blood can help to save a life,

but only if the person who needs it can find a match.



In collaboration with Mercy and Mt. Sinai Hospitals, the Coleman Foundation, and a robust advisory committee, HC One developed the following outreach tools to demonstrate the power of umbilical cord blood to save lives.


We also created a toolkit and training program, encouraging community health workers, case managers, prenatal educators, doulas and breastfeeding peer counselors to share this information with clients. 


You can click here for background on this project, and for the poster we presented October 4-6, 2010 at the World Stem Cell Summit.


By listening and reaching people where they are - with the right message and the right messenger - we make a difference in our communities.






Please link below for a 9-minute video describing the power of umbilical cord blood to save lives.


Umbilical Cord Blood - Link to Life  (in English)

Sangre del Cordón Umbilical - Conexión a la Vida  (en Español)


  • Produced by Long Haul Productions
  • Developed by HealthConnect One
  • With generous support from The Coleman Foundation and Washington Square Health Foundation
  • And invaluable assistance from the Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation, the Chicago Hispanic Health Coalition, Children's Memorial Hospital, and Mercy Hospital and Medical Center

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Hear Interviews with Mom


Please link below for 2-minute interviews with any of the moms featured in the audio slideshow:

Cassandra Colyer with son   

Cassandra Colyer

Mom of Transplant Survivor


Jeanette Avila, Donor of umbilical cord blood


Jeanette Avila

Donor Mom



Cassie Wright, umbilical cord blood donor


Cassie Wright

Donor Mom




Download Story Cards

Please link here to download 2-sided palm cards featuring stories of donor moms and the families of cord blood transplant recipients:


Cassandra Colyer with sonCassie Wright, umbilical cord blood donor    Cassandra Colyer and Cassie Wright


Guadalupe Gonzalez with daughterJeanette Avila, Donor of umbilical cord blood     Guadalupe Gonzalez and Jeanette Avila


Guadalupe Gonzalez with daughterJeanette Avila, Donor of umbilical cord blood    

     En Español:

     Guadalupe Gonzalez y Jeanette Avila


Interviews by Long Haul Productions

Photos by Eric Y. Exit & Flint Chaney


Donate Umbilical Cord Blood


To donate umbilical cord blood in Illinois, visit ITxM Cord Blood Services or call 1.877.GIV.CORD (1.877.448.2673)


To donate umbilical cord blood outside Illinois, visit Be the Match National Registry, operated by the National Marrow Donor Program or call 1.800.627.7692


To learn about the difference between public donation and family banking, visit the Parent's Guide to Cord Blood Foundation.

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English   /  Spanish


Story Cards

- Colyer / Wright (English)

- Avila / Gonzalez (English)

- Avila / Gonzalez (Spanish)


Two-Minute Interviews

- Cassandra Colyer

- Jeanette Avila

- Cassie Wright

Other Resources

To decide what's right for your family, it's important to have all the information. Here is an article on delayed cord clamping:

Study Finds Benefits in Delaying Severing of Umbilical Cord