2013: What Did You Like Best?

What did you like best about our blog in 2013? I can tell you! Because WordPress has these awesome tools, and I get to see which posts got the most attention, where y’all clicked, what you shared… and so on.  So here’s what you – the collective you, not you personally, although MAYBE you personally, too – viewed most in 2013:

Capitol Hill 20111. Don’t allow access to breastfeeding support to be limited! Please act today!  You may be happy to learn that we’re quite serious on this point, and plan to release a more formal statement next week.

Healthier than Cookies2. Milk is ~ Now this was one in a series of emails and blog posts we stacked up last December, and it’s still getting play. Why? Because somebody loved this image (thank you to Media Directions Creative Group) or the sentiment  (thank you to Development Director Cindy Ogrin) OR THE COOKIE RECIPE (again, thank you, Cindy) so well that they shared it on Pinterest with a link back to us. Are you on Pinterest? Do you like our images and want to share? We say yes to the love! And thank you!

3. Why I’m mad about the government shut down  From the seed of an idea during one of our advocacy team meetings last fall, Consultant Laura McAlpine penned this gem. Thank you, Laura – you rock!

Nursing at the Restaurant4. Our Breastfeeding Journeys If you haven’t seen this yet, you may want to check it out. Even though it’s from 2012, it continued to capture attention throughout 2013. This post exemplifies our work here at HealthConnect One just beautifully – the stories and images are yours or your friends’ or your colleagues’ or maybe they come from a friend or an ally you’ve not yet met – the framework was set down by one of our newest team members, Executive Coordinator Jamila Husein – and the journey may be universal. 

5. Atlanta’s Community-Based Doulas This story comes from our partners in Atlanta, and is about their program. They tell us, “Community-Based Doulas often support women whose conditions and situations are dire. They may be without family or friend support, survivors of abuse and/or violence, physically ill, developmentally challenged, homeless, etc. …[W]e have committed to … consistent, frequent and intense supervision with our Doulas so that they can talk through their feelings, brainstorm strategies and be reaffirmed in their work.” Ideas and strategies like these can benefit us all.

So there it is – our most popular posts of 2013. Thank you for reading, thank you for caring, and thank you for any words of support or (constructive) criticism you may care to offer. We welcome feedback of any kind, as long as it is shared with respect.

Please offer your reflections below for all to see, or contact me privately at rphillips@healthconnectone.org We want to hear from you.

Happy New Year! I hope that we’re bound for great things together in 2014!


RoiAnn - Guatemala 2013


RoiAnn Phillips, Communications Manager, HealthConnect One

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