30 Years of Making Waves with HealthConnect One

Dear Friends,

Thirty years ago I had a baby! And I was approached to volunteer with a small group of do-gooders. You might guess that I was skeptical and you’d be right. How was a group of nurses going to go work in a Black community that was not their own and create change?  And that’s why I got involved.  Over time, that early questioning laid the groundwork for the respectful community engagement which HealthConnect One practices today.

We listen to the needs of communities and assist as community members attend to those needs. Through our innovative community-based approach, HealthConnect One has grown both nationally and internationally. Many of you have witnessed the impact HealthConnect One has had on mothers, babies, and families. You have seen what communities are able to do when we respect and support their leadership – co-designing programs by combining their expertise and ours.

I am proud of my work and the role I’ve had in the evolution of that small group of volunteers into HealthConnect One. I am proud of my legacy and the opportunity to witness community leaders and people of color at the table in important conversations, not just around Maternal and Child Health, but in community-led change in our society.  I am grateful that philanthropists in Chicago, and across the country, have for three decades continued to support HealthConnect One’s innovative grassroots programs. And I am energized for the challenging and important work ahead.

At this point in time, as many of the organizations we assist are struggling to be heard so they can serve their communities, your gifts of money, influence, and expertise are essential.

I invite our longtime and our new donors to share in my vision; to invest explicitly in pathways and opportunities for truly diverse, community representative leadership, so that people of color are not just at the table, but they are leading the conversation and the work to a more equitable future.

Thank you for celebrating with us.


Jeretha McKinley
National Program Director

* * * * *

HealthConnect One celebrated 30 years of making waves with a Gala Fundraiser at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) in Chicago on June 15, 2017. If you weren’t able to join us but you still want to make a gift, an anonymous donor has agreed to match every donation through the end of June dollar-for-dollar.