A Three-Month Breastfeeding Challenge

For National Breastfeeding Month, HealthConnect One’s Birth Equity Leadership Academy (BELA) Mentors and Leaders invite you to support the . . .

Three-Month Breastfeeding Challenge

Throughout the month of August, we will share words of encouragement and photos of women of color breastfeeding. This 3-month challenge launches in August 2018, and invites all moms to share why they breastfeed or what motivates them to continue. Are you breastfeeding? Are you pumping? Have you ever? Please join us.

You can participate in multiple ways:

  1. Take a picture of you and your baby/babies breastfeeding. In the caption, tell us why you breastfeed, how long you plan on breastfeeding, and what country you are from, and use the hashtag: #3monthBFChallenge. (Add other hashtags as needed.) Example: “I breastfeed because…I plan on breastfeeding for 2 years. #3monthBFchallenge from the United States of America”
  2. Make a commitment to either breastfeed for the next 3 months or help a mom who is breastfeeding for the next three months (if you need suggestions on how to help, we have plenty!), and tag a mom to do the challenge with you! All breastfeeding moms are welcome, whether your are nursing from the tap, pumping exclusively, etc.
  3. Share the images below – and please continue to check back throughout the month.

Let’s see how many moms we can get to join our challenge and encourage breastfeeding around the world!

* * *

Please feel free to reach out to Tanefer L Camara, BELA Leader and campaign organizer, on Twitter via @urbanmatriarch or on Instagram via @breastfeedoakland

* * *

Thank you to BELA Leader Sarah Burgos for graphic design.

And thank YOU for participating!