Jamila Husein

Jamila Husein has a wealth of hands-on leadership and community development experience, as well as a background in public health administration and planning. In August 2012, Jamila coordinated HC One’s World Breastfeeding Week photo contest.

Jamila has always been involved in a range of community and extra-curricular activities: from being an Air Cadet in her youth, to volunteering in Mumbai, India, both at a hospital and as part of a community health project. She has a glider pilot’s license that she received when she was 16 (so she could technically fly a plane before she could drive a car).

Jamila grew up in Markham, Canada, and as a child, she also lived in India and Saudi Arabia. She and her husband moved to Chicago, Illinois in June 2011 and are temporarly residing in Washington DC. Jamila received an Honors Bachelor of Science degree double-majoring in Health Studies and Psychology from the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada in 2010.