Nicole Padula

Associate Board Secretary / Operations Manager, Be Well Partners in Health

Nicole Padula manages operations for Be Well Partners in Health, which creates and coordinates treatment services and support for individuals with serious mental illness. Every day, she is inspired by the agency’s vision to improve health care outcomes, to implement a network of health/community services, and to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of Medicaid funds.

Nicole earned her MPH in Program Design and Implementation from Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, and her BS from University of Miami.

She is passionate about Public Health and working with underserved populations, and loves reading up on the latest research in the nutrition and obesity prevention field. At Tulane, she focused her thesis on The Associations between Maltreatment/Abuse in Childhood and Obesity in Adulthood.

Ms. Padula is involved with the Associate Board because she is committed to supporting maternal and child health and the overall public health of Chicago.