Our Values

HealthConnect One is the national leader in advancing respectful, community-based, peer-to-peer support for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and early parenting.  We engage in work and relationships based on these core principles:

Respect is the foundation of our approach to new mothers, babies, our staff, our partners, organizations and communities.

Our work is informed by the experiences of mothers, families, and community institutions, and is responsive to their evolving needs.

We conduct our work — and the relationships that are central to our mission — with honesty, transparency, and a commitment to excellence.

We value the deeper impact we can achieve through ensuring our impact model, our staff, our governance, and our partnerships are built on diverse perspectives and experiences — including cultural, socioeconomic, sexual orientation, abilities, age, and gender diversity.

Our strategies and decisions are guided by a commitment to using our supporters’ dollars wisely to create strong qualitative and quantitative outcomes.

We understand that our work with partners and in communities requires shared vision and goals, and depends on two-way learning and communication.

We support programs that are sustainable after our role in the program is complete and programs that are committed to fair compensation for community health workers.