Rachel’s Legacy

Our Memories and Tributes

Rachel has spent so much of her life pouring her heart and mind into supporting others; I pray that she is now going to pour that same effort into enjoying her next chapter!

~ Michele McCay

I want to thank her for having the vision and being one of our champions in the MCH workforce

~ Wandy Hernandez

Rachel's Letter

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As you know, I’ve had the good fortune to work with HealthConnect One for more than 30 years — years of adventure, accomplishment and transformation, for me personally, for the organization as a whole, and for so many of our allies and friends.

We have now reached a moment of significant growth and change, and I’ve decided it’s the right time for me to set a retirement date. I’ll be stepping down from my role on July 1, 2018.

Over the past year, we have accomplished deep work to build a leaderful organization on every level, and I believe we’ve reached a point where HC One can really soar. The organization has tremendous potential and opportunity for national expansion, and I think that our amazing team and a new Executive Director will bring us to the next level of exciting development and sustainability.

I am tremendously proud of HC One, its staff, Board, Associate Board, and community partners, and of the significant change we have been able to both lead and be a part of. I’m excited about the future with HC One’s new Executive Director, and very grateful that we’ve been able to enter this transition in a structured, planful, and strategic way. I will continue to support HC One in any way I can.

This organization is strengthened by our mission, our internal team, and support from stakeholders like you across the country. Together, we will continue to meet change without fear, and continue to fight so that every mother, baby and family can thrive in a healthy community.


Rachel Abramson
Executive Director

What's Your Favorite Rachel Moment?

Rachel Abramson is retiring after more than 30 years. Let’s celebrate her impact!

Her facial expression when she says “Oh, Dear.”

~ Wandy Hernandez

Meeting Rachel for the first time, I was impressed by her deep empathy and steadfast optimism.

~ Dante Ingram

Not so much a “moment” but Rachel has been for me a lighthouse on the stormy seas of non-profit management and leadership.

~ Michele McCay