Rachel Abramson

Executive Director

Rachel Abramson, RN, MS, IBCLC has worked in maternal and child health for 37 years, and is still amazed at what’s at stake during the childbearing year. Rachel has been a pediatric nurse, a postpartum nurse, a visiting nurse and an IBCLC with a private practice, and for the past 30 years, she has served as the Executive Director of HealthConnect One (HC One). Rachel has experienced the power of the peer-to-peer model in HC One’s breastfeeding peer counselor and community-based doula programs, and understands that community-based support for birthing families is essential to health equity — and to seeing every baby, mother and family thrive.

Among the awards Rachel has received for her work are the 2003 National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies State Impact Award for the Harris Doula Institute at Chicago Health Connection, the Start Early: Learning Begins at Birth Award from Voices for Illinois Children in 2003, and the Harris Award from the Zero to Three Press with a book contract to develop The Community-Based Doula: Supporting Families Before, During and After Childbirth, published in 2006.  She also received the first American Public Health Association Maternal and Child Health Outstanding Leadership and Advocacy Award in 2009, the Health and Medicine Policy Research Group’s 2009 Health Award, and the Illinois March of Dimes’ 2012 Jonas Salk Health Leadership Award for Public and Community Health.

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Rachel sees healthy births as the cornerstone of a healthy community, and believes that our society will do well only when our children are healthy and thriving, starting at birth.

“Community-based support for birthing families is essential so that every baby, mother and family — in every neighborhood — can thrive.”

Meet Rachel Abramson of HealthConnect One in West Loop

~ Voyage Chicago, January 9, 2018