In December, Gina Crosley-Corcoran CD(DONA), the advocate and author behind The Feminist Breeder, teamed up with Onya Baby to donate baby carriers to our community-based doula sites in Chicago and across the country. At HealthConnect One, we couldn’t be more thrilled!  Families who rely on public transportation will especially benefit from the convenience and safety that baby-wearing provides.  

Tikvah Wadley, HealthConnect One Program Coordinator and Community-Based Doula Trainer, shares her enthusiasm:

The Onya Baby Carriers?  I like ‘em!  They promote bonding.  Mom can carry Baby around.  Baby can hear Mom’s heartbeat and feel secure. As doulas, you always want to make sure bonding takes place – you want to facilitate that – and baby-wearing has Mom in continuous interaction with her baby.

Through this campaign, we were able to raise over $1,800 to purchase 24 baby carriers, and now the carriers have arrived!

We opened the box with anticipation:

Babies on the Go - Onya Baby Box 026Babies on the Go - Opening Box 030Babies on the Go - Now What 036

The carriers were soft, flexible, attractive…  But there were so many fabulous options, we weren’t sure how to put them on.  We read the instructions:

Babies on the Go - Team with Directions a 097Babies on the Go - Eusebia with Directions 086Babies on the Go - Team with Directions b 098

And the fun began! We helped each other out. We made each other look good, too.

Babies on the Go - helping Brenda 065Babies on the Go - helping Brittney 058Babies on the Go - Brittney 061Babies on the Go - Brenda at White Board 079Babies on the Go - Brittney with Twins 096

Really good. Right?

Babies on the Go - Brenda and Brittney 076

Stay tuned! Community-based doulas in New Jersey, South Carolina, Illinois, California and Michigan will soon be trained on baby-wearing techniques, and we’ll be sharing their stories – and the stories of their client families – right here on our blog in the months to come. Thank you to The Feminist Breeder, Onya Baby, and every contributor who helped to make this a reality!


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