Birthing Hope Virtual Fundraiser

We raised $20,000+ for birthing families!

During our Birthing Hope Virtual Fundraiser on June 24th, our network of families, advocates, and birthworkers displayed their commitment to birthing hope for Black, Brown, and Indigenous families through support of culturally-reflective doulas, breastfeeding peer counselors, and community health workers.

We are so grateful for all of our sponsors, donors, and supporters who made our virtual fundraiser, Birthing Hope, a huge success!

As new lives are full of hope, so is the promise of the culturally reflective support, knowledge and guidance that HealthConnect programs bring to birthing families. Through all of your support, we can provide sustainable and crucial technical support, training, and advocacy for culturally reflective birthing support for Black, brown, and indigenous mamas, babies, and birthing families.

We presented the Irving Harris Advocacy Award to Dr. Jamila Taylor, Director of Health Care Reform at The Century Foundation.

As we do each year, we hosted the Senator Richard Durbin Community Health Worker Award presented virtually by Senator Durbin to a fantastic community health worker, April Thompson, Community Engagement Coordinator from EverThrive Illinois.

To birth hope is to birth with love, compassion, empathy, affirmation, support and an opportunity to heal.

Brenda Reyes

HealthConnect One is committed to making sure that as doula reimbursement expands, there are community-based, culturally reflective doulas available to the communities who need them most and through the generous donations of our supporters we can continue to develop these programs.

Missed the event? You can rewatch our virtual fundraiser and donate to our work.