DONA Honors Black History Month with Exceptional Doulas

 Read – DONA Honors Black History Month 2018 – With Some Exceptional Doulas

“I wanted to highlight some of the African American leaders in the doula world, and I’ve asked them to share more about their experiences as Black doulas working every day to improve outcomes for Black families and babies. I had the opportunity to interview Tonya Daniel, Ravae S.M. Sinclair, and Tikvah Wadley, three exceptional and very active doulas and doula trainers who are making changes in their communities and for the DONA International organization every single day…” [emphasis added]

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Sharon Muza: Do you have a target market – a segment of the population that holds a soft spot in your heart – i.e., teens, people of color, VBACs? LGBTQIA+ clients?

Tikvah Wadley: All women hold a spot in my heart, especially teenagers. I just don’t believe anyone should give birth alone whether they can afford a doula or not.

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published in February 2018