EBOB: Every Baby, Our Baby

Today, let me introduce EBOB – Every Baby, Our Baby!

Have you met?

We invited EBOB to be our guide this month, over here at HealthConnect One.

Why? Because EBOB reminds us to care for every baby as our own. He shows us where to move over, show support, and make room. Plus, she’s cute.

As you may know, HealthConnect One connects community health workers – community-based doulas and breastfeeding peer counselors – with families like EBOB’s. They meet in familiar places such as homes or neighborhood health centers, beginning in pregnancy and continuing into early childhood. What we do every day impacts EBOB in the deepest way.

And these connections result in improved birth outcomes, early health and early learning.

If you’re on our email list, you’ve heard this before – and if you’re not, you can sign up here.

Throughout December, EBOB will show us where these connections matter most – and YOU CAN HELP!

EBOB HC OneWhat’s Your Sign?

EBOB loves a good sign. If you download EBOB here, you can give him a sign and snap a photo. Then (1) Tweet your photo with the hashtag #EBOB, (2) Share on Facebook, or (3) Email to rphillips@healthconnectone.org so we can include your EBOB in the family album.

When you make room for EBOB, you make room for every family to thrive. Will you make room?

Play with us!

And consider investing in HealthConnect One today.


You won’t be sorry.

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