HC One Staff Directory

If you need to get a hold of our staff please do so via their direct phone numbers or email:

Brenda Blasingame, Executive Director, 312-550-6388, bblasingame@healthconnectone.org

Helen Dimas, Program Coordinator, 312-513-0411, hdimas@healthconnectone.org

Wandy Hernández-Gordon, Senior Program Specialist Lead: Illinois Programs & CHW,
312-513-8889, wandyhdz@healthconnectone.org

Gordon Mayer, Marketing Communications Consultant, 312-307-0133, gmayer@healthconnectone.org

Guillermina Nava, Finance and Operations Manager, 773-704-8197, gnava@healthconnectone.org

Jere McKinley, Community Programs Director, 404-798-7718 jmckinley@healthconnectone.org

Diana Pando, Communications Manager, 312-498-4067, dpando@healthconnectone.org

Brenda Reyes, Program Manager, 312-513-0395, breyes@healthconnectone.org

Tikvah T. Wadley, Program Specialist Lead: Doula Program and Accreditation, 312-515-4386, twadley@healthconnectone.org

Joy Wright, Development Director, 312-442-2082, jwright@healthconnectone.org

Sadie Wych, Program Specialist Lead: Evaluation and Learning, 815-382-3382, swych@healthconnectone.org