Families USA Health Equity Task Force: Wandy Represents

 Read – Families USA Joins Diverse Partners in Launching Health Equity Task Force to Leverage Health System Reform to Address Persistent Health Disparities

“Health care payment and delivery reform efforts often have not benefited disadvantaged communities because they have not been designed with their specific needs and challenges in mind, and that includes communities of color, rural communities, LGBTQ people, and people with disabilities.” said Sinsi Hernández-Cancio, the Director of Health Equity at Families USA and leading work on the Task Force. “As our nation becomes increasingly diverse, our health care system must evolve to provide efficient, effective, high quality care for everyone. That is why the Task Force includes members that represent diverse constituencies which collectively have decades of experience representing communities that have long struggled with entrenched health and health care disparities.”

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released February 13, 2018

Wandy Hernandez, Associate Program Director for HealthConnect One, is a founding member of the Health Equity Task Force.