#LearningMoms Blog Carnival

#LearningMoms Carnival Tent
Have you received any truly awesome advice, as a mom? Did your mom receive awesome advice? Bring it on!

For Mother’s Day this year, HealthConnect One invites your quotes, your stories, your one-liners, and your photos for our May 8th Blog Carnival, #LearningMoms.

Share a lot. Share a little. We want it all!

For example: 

Who gave you awesome advice as a mom? Was it your own mom? Your aunt? Your doula? Your dad? A friend? Was it warm and fuzzy, or was it more like tough love? Did you take the advice? Have you shared this advice with other moms?

What to Share:

  • a quote,
  • an experience,
  • a story,
  • a photo of you when the awesome advice was given, and/or
  • a photo of the advice-giver.

How to Participate: 

Please send your contributions to RoiAnn Phillips, at rphillips@healthconnectone.org, by Sunday, May 5th. Be sure to include your name or blog name, as you want it to be listed among the #LearningMoms.

Please share your contributions by Sunday, May 5, 2013

If you prefer to participate in the #LearningMoms Carnival from your own blog, then post a link in our Comments section on May 8th.  We’ll update our blog throughout the day.

Stop by on May 8th!

The Blog Carnival for #LearningMoms will be published on May 8th.  Be sure to come back for a peek at what #LearningMoms have to say!

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