#LearningMoms Invitation

As we swiftly approach Mother’s Day, HealthConnect One invites all “Learning Moms” to share quotes, stories, one-liners, and/or photos about advice you’ve received as a mom.  We’ll be posting your responses all day tomorrow – here on the blog, and on Facebook and Twitter, too.

Share a lot. Share a little. We want it all!

It takes a village to raise a child – yes – and it takes a village to raise a mom, too. Tell us about your village.

How to Participate: 

Please send your contributions to RoiAnn Phillips, at rphillips@healthconnectone.org. Be sure to include your name or blog name, as you want to be listed among the #LearningMoms.

OR –

If you prefer to share your #LearningMoms moment on your own blog, then please consider posting a link in our Comments section on May 8th.  We’ll update our blog throughout the day.

Thank you!

#LearningMoms Carnival Tent

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Photo by xmonthanna