#LearningMoms Village

In honor of Mother’s Day, HealthConnect One invited “Learning Moms” to share quotes, stories, one-liners, and/or photos about advice they received as a mom.

It takes a village to raise a child. Yes. It takes a village to raise a mom, too – all kinds of villages:

Story of a South Carolina Mom

An inspiring story of how personal loss offers healing through the type of work that we do, shared by Amber Pendegraph, a Community-Based Doula with BirthMatters  in Spartanburg, South Carolina – Click here.

My Herd of Elephants

“When a mama elephant gives birth, after 22 months of pregnancy (which I can’t even IMAGINE how that is bearable), she is surrounded by a herd of female elephants during the birth . . . ” [Read more – from HealthConnect One Development Director, Cindy Ogrin]

Of Woman Born

“The best advice I got regarding motherhood came from a professor at Antioch University/Seattle way back in 1999 . . .” [Read more – from Walker Karraa, PhDc]

#LearningMoms Carnival Tent

 and Twitter were buzzing with #LearningMoms, too.  For example:

“Wear your red, squeaky nose, and you’ll be fine! Everybody respects the red nose.” ~ Margit Elland Schmitt

“Don’t use sarcasm with young kids; they don’t understand the nuances.” ~ @ChgoPregnancy

Who gives you mom advice? “My friends, my Mom, my ancestors. I’m always learning.” ~ ‏@JerethaMcKinley

Do you have something to add? Tell us about your village – Post a comment or a link below.