It Does Take a Village to Raise a Child

Seven years ago, I became a first-time parent to a beautiful — and very energetic — boy. When I look back, I can see how the support of each person present during the time of his birth was an investment in my son and in me.

Stacey Austin and family | Photo by Leah Stern, Studio Juno
Stacey Austin and family | Photo by Leah Stern, Studio Juno

The encouragement of my husband, doula, doctor, lactation consultant, mother, sister, and friends gave me the confidence to be a better parent than I would have been without them. The saying that “it takes a village to raise a child” has become trite in many ways, but that does not make the phrase any less true. I learned that raising a child starts before birth.

We have so many expectations for the children of this country — we expect them to succeed in school, to make healthy choices, to secure a good job, and to succeed at life. Yet so many children are expected to do this without that village or supportive community. It’s an injustice.

Let’s flip the script and ensure that every child has a village and is supported before, during, and after birth, by tapping into the strength, knowledge, and abilities of each community. HealthConnect One amplifies the power of each village—harnessing communities’ inner strength and developing leaders, thereby creating real solutions for our nation’s most disadvantaged communities.

Join me to support HealthConnect One, to leverage and build upon local community resources, and to bring about long-lasting impact.

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