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When I was pregnant, my mother bought me a baby book. It was filled with so many milestones – First tooth! First smile! First bath! First word! My son was born in May 2013 and I have diligently filled out this baby book – capturing his journey in this world and my journey as a new mom. There is one page, however, that continues to haunt me, 19 long months later…..

First time I slept through the night: ________________

Yup, still blank.

This is where we are on this journey. The longest (yet I know it will be the shortest) journey of my life. I am so grateful that my journey as a new mom began after five years of working with HealthConnect One. My coworkers are friends and family now. They knew I was in labor before I knew it. They drove me home and rubbed my back during contractions. They watched me and guided me and are helping me every single day become a mother.

Devo Director - Cindy Maps Her Journey w son last weekend.jpgNew mothers need support – they need someone to talk to when they are sleep deprived. I have been privileged to have so much of it during my transition to motherhood. I’m so proud to work for an agency that believes deeply in the power of community, in the knowledge that if we support new mothers, we can transform neighborhoods.

I’m still waiting for the magical day when my son will go to sleep and not wake me up a few hours later. I rely on the wise words of my colleagues, my HealthConnect One tribe, the moms and doulas that have come before me, that greet me every morning with a smile and a nod. The knowledge that “this-too-shall-pass-and-then-I’ll-miss-it-when-it’s-gone.” The reassurance from my team that babies need their mamas.

Until then, I hope that all the moms out there (including myself!) can find a little more sleep in 2015!

~ Cindy Ogrin, HealthConnect One Development Director

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