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Bickford 2 snipEvery mom and baby needs precisely what HealthConnect One delivers: respectful, peer-to-peer support that surrounds and empowers moms on the journey from pregnancy through early parenting. I was supported by a remarkable “village” of friends and family who taught me, encouraged me and laughed with me when I became a mom. From preparing the nursery, to the joys and woes of nursing, preventing diaper rash and baby sleep, my friends and family guided me through the daily (hourly!) emotional twists and turns of those first several months. They provided a kind ear and answers to my unending questions. I have never been so grateful, and the experience moved me to join HealthConnect One’s efforts to provide a similar encouraging environment to women who don’t already have a network of support.

Motherhood is intense! Generations of women have embraced and counseled each other throughout history to raise happy, healthy babies and ensure the community’s prosperity. HealthConnect One continues that tradition on a grand scale—building stronger communities, giving the next generation a solid start, generating employment and addressing socioeconomic inequalities across the nation. I am proud to support HealthConnect One!

~ Lucy Bickford, Board Member, HealthConnect One 

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