Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: A pilot program for doulas to address infant mortality

Read – Milwaukee may implement a pilot program for doulas to address infant mortality in 53206

“A new program aimed at helping expectant mothers deliver and nurture healthy babies in one of Milwaukee’s most distressed neighborhoods will go before the Common Council this month . . .

“According to Health Commissioner Jeanette Kowalik and doula Monique Lipson, doulas are certified professionals trained to support expectant mothers’ nutritional, physical and mental health. Nearly all of them emphasize prenatal nutrition, breastfeeding, safe sleeping habits and stress reduction techniques. Many have additional specialties, such as massage, hydrotherapy, lactation consultations, yoga, aroma therapy and organizational skills.

“’A doula is pretty much like a wing-woman,’ Kowalik said.

“Kowalik worked with programs such as Black Mamas Matter and Health Connect One in Washington, D.C., where the importance of doulas was constantly reinforced.

“Kowalik said that within a year of the proposed program’s implementation, she plans to measure how well it reduces rates of infant and mother mortality in 53206.”

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by Talis Shelbourne, published by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on March 10, 2019