Mother’s Day: More than Flowers

Every day is Mother’s Day. I work at HealthConnect One and I’m also a new mom – so between breastfeeding, parenting, and working to raise money to support more moms, my life is one big Mother’s Day!

I’m sure my colleagues feel the same way. HealthConnect One and our partners work with new moms every day. We connect families with what they need during pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and early parenting.

Our kids help, too, when they can.

new mothers day

So this year’s actual “Mother’s Day” is Sunday, May 11th. Just 12 days away. Why not join me and celebrate this year by supporting new moms?

seed packet

Make a donation of $25 or more and you will receive 5 Flower Seed Packets you can share with the moms in your life. See, look how happy I am to receive my flower seed packets!

Cindy seed packets

$25 impacts more than just one mom in one neighborhood. Your donation translates into national impact, allowing HC One to work across the country to support hundreds of moms to birth healthier babies.

Donate Button 3 for Mothers Day

I thank you. My son thanks you. New moms across the country thank you.

And if you want to figure out how to send your flower packets to the moms in your life, consider an art project that’s fun and easy (and featured above!) or check out some other last minute crafts that all moms will love!

~ Cindy Ogrin, sleep-deprived new mom who is still digging the paint out from under her fingernails, and Development Director for HealthConnect One

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