New Webinar: May 28 – Birth Equity In Practice


About the Birth Equity In Practice webinar 

The purpose of this FREE webinar is to share community-led programs that address birth equity for communities of color that center African-American/Black birthing families. This webinar will be led by Jamarah Amani at Southern Birth Justice. She will share what birth equity looks like and what resources it takes to address birth equity and reproductive justice in communities of color. The webinar will also cover what support for birthing families looks like when rooted and centered in the community.

Learning’s from the webinar include:

Feel inspired by Black Birth Equity Leaders
Identify 1-2 examples of equity in practice
Share why community-centered and family-centered approaches are important

Register today – space limited 

About Jamarah Amani

Jamarah Amani is a community midwife who believes in the transformative and healing power of birth and that every baby has a human right to human milk. Her mission is to do her part to build a movement for Birth Justice locally, nationally, and globally.

As a birth worker and advocate, Jamarah has been tackling the epidemics of Black maternal and infant morbidity and mortality for over fifteen years. She is currently the director of Southern Birth Justice Network, a non-profit organization working to expand the Birth Justice movement and to make midwifery and doula care accessible to all.

She is also the founder of the National Black Midwives Alliance, the only national professional association specifically for midwives of African descent. Jamarah is the recipient of the 2019 Trailblazer Award from the City of Miami. Jamarah has been featured by the following media outlets: PBS, NPR, NBC, Miami Times, and the South Florida Times among others. She has written for several blogs including the Huffington Post and is currently a fellow of Echoing Ida, a community of Black women and non-binary writers. In addition to parenting four children and jumping in the ocean whenever possible, Jamarah offers midwifery care to families across South Florida and workshops on Birth Justice to organizations across the United States.

Register today – space limited