NICU Club: Next Stop, China

Thanks to Dr. David at Cook County Stroger, Jr. Hospital, our breastfeeding peer counseling work made it all the way to China!

NICU Club Poster in China


Every parent welcome. Fosters breastfeeding and skin-to-skin parenting.

This slide was part of a PowerPoint presentation on supporting human lactation in the NICU – presented in Xi’an, Guilin, Naning, and Kunming, China in June 2013.

That’s how it works, doesn’t it? Share what we can, support who we know, and the good ideas take flight – across oceans sometimes.  

Thank you, Dr. David! And thank you to all the families involved with NICU Club. Thank you for making life brighter by supporting one another and sharing what you know.

Click here to download the original NICU Club Poster.

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