Breastfeeding Advocate Training

Are you a direct service provider for birthing families, looking to refresh your current knowledge of breastfeeding and breastfeeding support? If so, this training is for you!

This three-day training is for any health care provider, home visitor, case manager or community advocate who serves birthing families. This training provides basic breastfeeding information for supporting underserved communities, incorporating a culturally relevant lens for serving communities of color.

CEUs for IBCLC and nurses pending. Space is limited to 25 people and registration is required.

What We Cover

  • Common breastfeeding barriers and solutions
  • The 3 Step Counseling Method, A-A-E
  • Benefits of human milk for mom, baby, family, and community
  • Contraindications to breastfeeding
  • How milk production works
  • Assisting mom with positioning and latch-on
  • Knowing when to refer to a health care provider or lactation specialist
  • Continuation of breastfeeding/human milk during separation: NICU, working or school
  • The basics of pumping and storing human milk
  • Student rights and breastfeeding policies in Illinois
  • Addressing systemic barriers impacting marginalized communities

About HealthConnect One

HealthConnect One is the national leader in advancing respectful, community-based peer-to-peer support for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and early parenting. For more than 30 years, we have collaborated with communities across the country to train doulas and breastfeeding peer counselors, primarily in communities of color and low-income communities. We have delivered trainings with and for community clinics, Federally Qualified Health Centers, tribal organizations, and numerous other community groups all across the country.

We understand what it takes, and we want to support you in your work with families.

The Breastfeeding Advocate Training was wonderful and it’s going to help me with parent educators on staff because they will be going into the community and helping mothers who are new to breastfeeding.

Latonia Clark, SGA Youth and Family Services