Breastfeeding Support

Our focus is on breastfeeding support that is truly rooted in communities.

How can we help you to support breastfeeding in your community?

HealthConnect One has a long history of breastfeeding support.

We train breastfeeding peer counselors and community-based doulas. We collaborate with social service agencies, community organizations, clinics and hospitals to develop breastfeeding support programs. We train hospital staff. We facilitate dialogue. We help agencies to identify breastfeeding barriers and strategies to overcome them.

Our breastfeeding work leads to dramatic increases in breastfeeding rates, particularly in communities where breastfeeding may not be the norm.

HealthConnect One’s philosophy is the power of peers to influence and shape culture. Their training is a strength based model that is not a one-way, didactic, top down, but a two way road, based on popular education.

Peg Dublin
RN, MPH, IBCLC, Access Community Health Network - Chicago, IL