Community-Based Doula Accreditation Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Replication is when a site establishes a community-based doula program based on HealthConnect One’s five essential components, tailored to the strengths, needs and vision of the surrounding community. Accreditation is a rigorous review process engaged in by a site whose community-based doula program has been running for 2 or more years.

Accreditation validates replication sites for high quality implementation of the program.

No. HealthConnect One will not require any organization to become accredited.

Upon Accreditation with HealthConnect One, your community-based doula program will be recognized publicly as setting the standards for high-quality doula care. You will be positioned to attract the attention of funding sources which are committed to high-quality implementation of Community-Based Doula Programs nationwide, and you will gain exposure as a leader in your field through training and collaborative opportunities with HealthConnect One.

Accreditation costs include staff commitment, time, and money. Do not allow cost to hinder your organization, however. If you are interested in pursuing Accreditation, please contact HealthConnect One to discuss.

HealthConnect One’s Community-Based Doula Accreditation Program is a rigorous process in which HealthConnect One staff and a team of your peers will review your existing community-based doula program to ensure high-quality implementation.

Eight Standards

The following eight standards will be used to assess the quality of implementation:

  1. Employ community-based doulas who are trusted members of the target community.
  2. Recognizing that pregnancy and birth involve physical, social, emotional and spiritual issues, the community-based doula program supports an ongoing continuous relationship between one community-based doula, the mother and the family to address these issues.
  3. Community-based doulas provide weekly face-to-face visits beginning early in pregnancy and continuing for at least 12 weeks postpartum.
  4. Community-based doulas are present to provide continuous physical and emotional support to mothers during labor, birth and in the first few postpartum hours.
  5. Based on a community needs assessment, community residents and other stakeholders plan, implement and evaluate the community-based doula program.
  6. Community-based doulas complete all 20 HealthConnect One sessions, clinical requirements and achieve core competencies.
  7. Community-based doulas have appropriate case loads and receive weekly reflective supervision.
  8. Sponsoring agencies value a community-based doula’s work with salary and benefits, flexible hours and a family friendly work place.

If you meet all requirements of the Community-Based Doula Accreditation Program, you will be asked to submit a letter of intent signed by your Executive Director.

Upon receipt of a signed letter of intent from your Executive Director, the time for completion can vary from 120 days to 180 days, depending on how quickly you submit all required documents to HealthConnect One.

HealthConnect One prefers your agency to serve families in your community for at least two years before applying for Accreditation.

HealthConnect One’s Community-Based Doula Accreditation Program is led by an Accreditation Committee. Committee members are familiar with the Community-Based Doula Model, but are not on HealthConnect One’s staff. Accreditation Committee members will be actively involved in the review process and will make the final decision about your program’s Accreditation.

Once your agency has been accredited through HealthConnect One, it is valid for two consecutive years.

After your organization has met the requirements and is approved by the CBDAP Committee, a letter and certificate will be mailed to your organization with HealthConnect One’s name and logo to congratulate you on your program’s Accreditation. Your organization will be highlighted on our website and in the Quarterly eNews. You are also welcome to contact HealthConnect One for support and guidance as you share news of your Accreditation with local media outlets and funders.

To learn more about Accreditation, please contact Tikvah Wadley: