Replicate the Community-Based Doula Program

HealthConnect One is the only organization with a community-based doula program model that is replicated across the nation.

Have you read our 2014 study on the program?

To date, more than 6,000 families have benefited from services provided by community-based doulas, through replication programs in under-served areas nationwide.

Each replication site serves a unique population, from non-English speaking immigrants, to women in addiction treatment, to teenaged mothers.

Replication involves a formal partnership between an agency and HealthConnect One to create a community-based doula program with five essential components. Our program team works with each replication site to:

  • Develop an interactive, intensive, 20-session course tailored to your strengths and needs,
  • Guide you through distinctive phases of planning and program development, and
  • Provide appropriate consultation and technical support at each stage.

Are you thinking about starting a community-based doula program? The following materials can help you determine your interest in applying for national replication:

If you feel you are ready to apply for national replication, you are welcome to contact us or download the application.

Thank you.