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Past BELA Webinar Recordings

2018 Latina Maternal and Child Health Review

Presented by BELA Mentor Diana Derige, DrPh, Urban Strategies’ National Director for Health Initiatives, on 11/7/2018

Using Community Organizing & Culturally Responsive Evaluation as Collaborative Tools for Change

Presented by BELA Evaluation Consultant Nicole Clark on 10/03/2018

Making Social Media Work for You

Presented by BELA Mentor Shayla Lawrence on 8/29/2018

BELA Stories

Recuperando Tradiciones de Parto Latinas

–> In English <– ¡Hola! ¡Soy Cassie, madre mexicana y Doula de la ciudad de Chicago! Tengo un niño aventurero al que siempre mantengo cerquita de mí. Somos inseparables y nuestro vínculo floreció inmediatamente al nacer. Aquí les comparto un poco sobre nuestro recorrido juntos… Soy tan determinada como mi chiquito, cuando decidí que quería

Reclaiming Latinx Birth Traditions

–> En Español <– Hi! I’m Cassie, a Mexican mom and doula from Chicago! I have one adventurous toddler I keep close to me. We are inseparable, and our bond came right away. Here’s a little bit about our journey together… I am as determined as my toddler. When I decided I wanted to have an

BELA Community Project Awards

We are thrilled to announce the 2018-2019 Community Project Awards made through our Birth Equity Leadership Academy (BELA)TM and supported by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation! These awards provide financial assistance and technical support for the following BELATM community leaders’ initiatives and projects: Delmar Bauta Delmar Bauta is a disabled, afro-latinx, queer, non-binary transgender birthworker, advocating

Preservando nuestras tradiciones de parto y lactancia

–> In English <– Hola, mi nombre es Ambar Rivera. Madre de 3 hijos, Amílcar que falleció a las 6 semanas de nacido, Lucas que ahora tiene 3 años y Joaquín, mi hijo de 6 meses. Soy Doula de parto y de duelo, educadora perinatal, encapsuladora de placenta, asesora de porteo, líder de la Academia

Preserving our Breastfeeding and Birth Traditions

–> En Español <– Hi. My name is Ambar Rivera and I am the mother of 3 boys, Amílcar who passed away at 6 weeks old, Lucas who is now 3 years old and Joaquín, my 6 month old. A birth and bereavement doula, childbirth educator, placenta encapsulator, babywearing consultant, Birth Equity Leadership Academy (BELA)

Black Breastfeeding after a History of Trauma

by Mekha McGuire —– In the conversation on Reproductive Justice and Birthing Equity, the climate is one of immense urgency. With public breastfeeding now legal in all 50 states as of July this year, there’s a lot of momentum around birth equity, breastfeeding, and the rights of mothers in both the private and public spheres,