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We create & collaborate on research, reports, documentaries & other products to raise awareness of racial inequities among babies and families

A key goal of HealthConnect One is to help build the field of birth equity by developing information that demonstrates the value of community-based doulas and peer support for birth workers, policymakers, and other audiences.

HealthConnect One is known for the 2014 report The Perinatal Revolution, a peer-reviewed, federally-funded study that framed the problems of infant mortality and low breastfeeding rates among people of color in the U.S. and demonstrated how community-based doulas can change this.

We partner with other organizations and agencies to develop and present research from the field. A recent example is the African-American Breastfeeding Blueprint, a collaborative report produced by HealthConnect One and Reaching Our Sisters Everywhere, ROSE.

We have partnered or provided resources on health disparities and other topics for organizations like the Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs (AMCHP), Center for American Progress, Institute for Medicaid Innovation, and other partners.

Access to reports and publications can also be found on our Resources page; research on the HealthConnect One model and its proven success is on the Evidence Base page.

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