About Training for Your Community

group photo of training participants

We train a variety of groups.

Since 1986, we have trained thousands of parents, community health workers and direct service providers to promote breastfeeding, provide pregnancy and birthing support, and prevent infant mortality, with significant documented results.

Building relationships is the core of our model.

Whether we are training five people in Chicago or 20 people in Albuquerque, our staff nurtures each individual to be her or his best.

We facilitate experiential learning.

Our trainings are highly interactive. Rather than simply delivering facts and information, we encourage participants to share their own experience with the group, providing space for discovery, growth and understanding.

We bring participants in touch with their own strengths, their own skills, and a sense of personal power.

Our staff brings a wealth of experience.

Our staff represents a wide range of cultural backgrounds and training expertise. We draw on years of combined experience in community health promotion – designing, tailoring, and delivering training for both local and national agencies, and authoring curricula, program manuals, full-length books, and public presentations.

What we share in common is a passion – and a skill – for pioneering community-based programs nationwide!

We Get Results.

Our collaborative partners report that so many women are excited by what this program has done for their lives – “they now have gainful employment, are contributing to the family’s income, and are mentoring young women from their own neighborhoods.”

Traditional power dynamics associated with learning are not present and/or openly discussed. There was an ability to be open and build trust and exchange–not just words; histories, hopes, frustrations, and, positive energy.

group photo of workshop participants
HealthConnect One workshop participant