Post-Sandy: Help a sister out

For those of you wondering how our community-based doula and breastfeeding peer counselor sites fared during the Hurricane, we have heard from some of our network partners across the country and are trying to reach out to all of them. Here is what we’ve heard so far from a few hard-hit spots and how you can help!

We will be updating and sharing this page as we hear more, and encourage you to do the same in the Comments section below.

It’s a madhouse here! The traffic is horrendous, schools are closed, and there are tens of thousands in NYC proper without power. I weathered the storm well and I am grateful for that. Our offices are closed the remainder of this week, but next week we’ll be open and taking donations of adult women clothes, baby clothes, baby food, and especially diapers at the office (388 Atlantic Avenue), so if the network could be notified of that it would be great!

Thanks for checking in with us.

~ Yeashea, Brooklyn Young Mothers’ Collective (NYC)

* * *

It is raw. Most infrastructure is down. A few hospitals evacuated; live wires; most towns 80-100 percent without power for the next 5-10 days.

~ Jill Wodnick, Hudson Perinatal (NJ)

* * *

New York CityIf you live in the New York Area, as stated above, Brooklyn Young Mothers Collective will be open NEXT WEEK taking donations of adult women clothes, baby clothes, baby food, and especially diapers: 388 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.

Here are some other resources for New Jersey and elsewhere:

And KellyMom has some good advice here in My power went out and I have breastmilk in the freezer – Help!  (Again, thank you to Louise for her comment below.)

We hope everyone stays safe. Please share additional information you may have in the comments section below.