Report focuses on midwifery model

Similar to community-based doula programs and policies, midwifery-based models face a lack of understanding and support. Aiming to change that is a May study by Institute for Medicaid Innovation that reports “Hospitals that incorporate midwives have a 74% lower rate of labor induction and a 12% lower rate of cesarean deliveries.”


The IMI is a nonprofit whose vision is to provide information and analysis that informs Medicaid policy. Their report considers opportunities of the midwifery-led model in hospitals and freestanding birth centers.


The authors consulted HealthConnect One among other experts in the field to prepare their report. They start from a premise with which we could not agree more:
The factors contributing to poor maternal and infant outcomes in the U.S. are extensive and complex. There will not be only one intervention that will address all of these factors.
The new report defines midwife-led continuity of care as care in which “the midwife is the lead professional in the planning, organization, and delivery of care given to a woman from initial booking to the postnatal period.” It also defines and explores clinical, research and policy opportunities for the future.