Spotlight On Krystal Bakos, Participant, At Our Breastfeeding Advocate Training

In April, Krystal Bakos attended our three-day Breastfeeding Advocate training with her adorable baby. We reached out to Krystal about her experience at our training. Here’s what she had to say about the training:

“I wanted to take the Breastfeeding Training to become a better advocate. I had previously taken a training for NICU babies through Rush Mother’s Milk Club. I felt like HC One’s training would be a good addition to my ongoing breastfeeding education.

“The training made me more confident about being a breastfeeding peer counselor and gave me even more motivation to continue helping families succeed in their breastfeeding journeys no matter how long or short. I also now have a better understanding of cultural humility and how our current system isn’t set up to help mothers of all races and cultures succeed in breastfeeding.

“The trainers Brenda Reyes and Helen Dimas were very engaging and provided many different learning techniques. If this training didn’t exist many individuals wouldn’t understand the impact and benefits of breastfeeding within their jobs/agencies that educate families.

“Lastly, the training was fantastic. I’m thankful I had the opportunity to take it.”