Spotlight On Sandra Soto At Our Breastfeeding Advocate Training

A few months ago, Sandra Soto, a parent educator at SGA Family Services, attended our Breastfeeding Advocate Training. Here is what she had to say about her experience at our training.

“The Breastfeeding Advocate Training was informative in so many ways to help breastfeeding moms feed their children. The women I work with are first-time mothers who don’t have a support system. By attending the training, I’m able to provide them with information on breastfeeding. I’m now their go -to- person with any questions they have about lactation. Also, as a parent educator, who is not a mother, I don’t have personal experiences to relate to my breastfeeding moms. The trainer provided useful information and real-life stories so I can help mothers.

What surprised me about the training is that it covered myths and misconceptions around breastfeeding. The training was a different learning experience for me because it was very engaging, visual and stimulating, so I loved it! If I hadn’t come to this training I wouldn’t know everything that I know now about breastfeeding.”