The Art of Community-Based Doula

What is a community-based doula?  What tools does she need?  What talents or qualities does she possess?  Why does she do what she does each day?


Art of CBD - May 2012


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Thank you to the following Community-Based Doulas and Program Partners (in order of appearance):

    • Cynthia Sparks, RNC-MNN, CLSS, CBC, CCE, PD (Philadelphia, PA)
    • Erika Ortiz – Families First / G-CAPP (Atlanta, GA)
    • Sara Kalasunas (Philadelphia, PA)
    • Loretha Weisinger – Marillac House (Chicago, IL)
    • Terrie Smith – BirthMatters, Cherokee County ReGenesis (Spartanburg, SC)
    • Jennifer Boulley – Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Community-Based Doula Project (WI)

Video edited by RoiAnn Phillips, Communications Manager for HealthConnect One.