We Can All Be Mothers

by Becky J. Frederick, Strategic Consultant and annual contributor to the HC One Mother’s Day Campaign

Mother's Day 2013I can’t believe that Mother’s Day is almost here. It certainly doesn’t feel possible given our recent weather – but it’s true. In just a few weeks, we will be celebrating our mothers … and motherhood in general.

As I sit here writing this blog, I feel blessed. I will be able to celebrate Mother’s Day with both my mother and my mother-in-law. They are each 86 years old – active and engaged in the senior communities in which they currently live. And each year of celebration reminds me of their contributions as mothers to their families as well as to their communities.

My mother raised five children while working to support us. She and my father were committed to sending us to parochial school and giving us the educational opportunities that would make a difference to us. As I think back on all those years of sacrifice, I appreciate all the more their commitment to giving us that childhood foundation.

But other memories flood in when I think back to my mother of childhood. Even though she worked, she always found time to be the volleyball coach, the chauffeur, the playground monitor – to be involved in the activities of her children, but also the children in our community. As I grow older, I realize the commitment she made as a mother to my classmates, my friends, and the children in our neighborhood and church. Everyone knew you could always ask Mrs. Frederick for a ride or a meal or a favor. It was just the way she was.

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She learned at an early age how mothers can help others in the community. She still shares stories of her own mother who frequently shared food with those less fortunate – the men who rode the trains around the Midwest seeking work and food and shelter. And they knew they could stop in East Gary, Indiana and get a meal from Katie Schleff. It’s not that my grandmother had so much that it was easy to share. Rather, it was something she wanted to do – she was a great cook, she could make a meal stretch, and she believed in helping others.

I’d like to think that their spirit lives in me. Although I have no children of my own, I do feel a mother’s sense of commitment to the children in my life – my nieces and nephews, the children of my friends, and the children in the community in which I live and work and play.

As my husband and I approach Mother’s Day each year, we are excited by the opportunity to give back in honor of our mothers. We contribute to the Mother’s Day campaign because we believe – and our mothers believe – in the work being done by HealthConnect One in communities throughout this country. We can’t think of a better way to honor the mothers who gave us such gifts for this life.

We hope our small contribution helps other mothers share their gifts.

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Becky J. Frederick is a Chicago-based strategist and founder of Workplace Strategy. In her consulting practice, she works closely with clients to develop high-performance workplaces – and – employees who are actively engaged and goal-oriented. Her approach is values-based, strategic, and time-sensitive. Becky’s special expertise includes strategic planning, organizational assessment, meeting/project facilitation, and HR operations. She can be reached at bjf@workplacestrategy.com.


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